Saturday, 25 February 2012

Playlistin’: Top 7 Best Original Song Oscar Winners of the Past

Playlistin’: Top 7 Best Original Song Oscar Winners of the Past

It’s Oscars weekend, people! While music and lyrics are our first love, movies are a close second and awards shows follow soon after that. We love the glitz, the glamour, and seeing talented artists get recognition. Even better is when music and movies come together in one awards-show category: Best Original Song! We already profiled this year’s two nominees but we thought it would be fun to take a look into the archives and dig up 7 past winners of the Best Original Song Oscar. We have 7 from each decade:

7. 1940: “When You Wish upon a Star” — Pinocchio

Music by Leigh Harline,  Lyrics by Ned Washington

When you wish upon a star / Makes no difference who you are / Anything your heart desires / Will come to you

6. 1956: “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Qué Será, Será)” — The Man Who Knew Too Much

Music and lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Que Sera, Sera / Whatever will be, will be / The future’s not ours to see / Que Sera, Sera

5. 1961: “Moon River” — Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Music by Henry Mancini, Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

Moon River wider than a mile / I’m crossing you in style someday / Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker / Wherever you’re going I’m going your way

4. 1978: “Last Dance” — Thank God It’s Friday

Music and lyrics by Paul Jabara

Last dance, last chance for love / Yes, it’s my last chance / For romance tonight

3. 1987: “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” — Dirty Dancing

Music by Franke Previte, John DeNicola and Donald Markowitz, Lyrics by Franke Previte

I’ve had the time of my life / No I never felt this way before / Yes I swear it’s the truth / And I owe it all to you

2. 1997: “My Heart Will Go On” — Titanic

Music by James Horner, Lyrics by Will Jennings

Near, far, wherever you are / I believe that the heart does go on / Once more you open the door / And you’re here in my heart

1. 2002: “Lose Yourself” — 8 Mile

Music by Eminem, Jeff Bass and Luis Resto, Lyrics by Eminem

You better lose yourself in the music / The moment, you own it, you better never let it go / You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow / This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo

Which song is your favorite? You can check out this year’s Original Song nominees here, and all the Academy Awards nominees here. Will you be tuning in?